María Fernanda Perez

María Fernanda Perez


María Fernanda Perez

He is a lawyer, journalist and writer; political marketing, image and communication consultant.

Since his adolescence he militated on the left and was the protagonist of the main popular struggles and social mobilizations and in defense of human rights that took place in the second half of the last century.

Threatened with death by the «Triple A» when he served as Head of News of the newspaper La Calle (product of the confluence between communists, radicals, Peronists and other popular currents) then happened, after the genocidal coup of March 1976, to appear in the so-called «blacklists» of the military dictatorship under the name «Formula 4» (maximum danger). This is stated in ACTA 232 (Annex 2, with No. 47) found by the Ministry of Defense at the end of 2013.

Correspondent of newspapers and foreign agencies denounced from the first day and from Buenos Aires the crimes of the dictatorship and from the beginning of 1978 until the end of 1980 coordinated from Moscow to the world all the clandestine information of Argentina, Chile and other countries of the Southern Cone shaken by the so-called Condor Plan, imposed by the Pentagon to blood and fire.

Precisely, his diffusion of human rights violations and his active solidarity – in fact and in his writings – with the exile of neighboring countries that passed through Argentina, already in democracy, earned him new intimidation and death threats. The first during the administration of Dr. Raúl Alfonsín in June 1988 and the second, with search of his domicile, in October 1989, when the pluralist Diario Sur, of which he was Secretary General of Reaction (and had co-founded with Eduardo Luis Duhalde and other prominent journalists), led the campaign and “Plaza del NO” against the pardons anticipated by the then president Carlos Saúl Menem.

In disagreement with the political line of his leadership, he resigned from the Communist Party in 1990 and since then accompanies all unitary attempts and struggles and mobilizations of the national and popular field.
He never held political positions and is currently engaged in his legal profession and advice in communication and political marketing.